Team Papa is a Turkish amateur radio contesting and activity team devoted to the pursuit of operating and technical excellence. The team has been newly established, has limited history yet, however have big plans especially on contesting. The founders are a group of close friends and worked in many HAM activities previously. As indicated in our philosophy team is established to minimize all local and management efforts and to focus on DXing only. Our aim is not to criticize other clubs or organizations but to create an alternative way to HAM activities. Thus our goals are summarized as:

To participate in major contests as a team

Contests are usually well categorized in terms of SINGLE and MULTI operator participations. Thus the philosophy under “team” contesting is not simply making high scores. In the main, teams and individuals are not competitors. Although most of our members are individual contesters, We like contesting in a team also. This solidarity has joined us together to establish the Team Papa.

To develop inventive contesting methodologies and techniques

Team contesting is not simply a shift rotation. We need some synergy to create success. Therefore we plan to build a common sense on efficiency, inter-team assistance, fast decision and logistics. To develop unique methodologies, tactics and strategies is a significant resolution of the team.

To increase capabilities

Team Papa has said to be adequate working conditions to compete on contests. However we still need to improve our technical inventory. In addition, we aim to improve our skills and abilities inimitably. Papa Team is said to be a growing team and will accept new experienced members.

To educate new contesters

Although many radio operators works on bands, few of them are contesters. As a sportive hobby, DX contesting needs skill. Skills can only be elevated by endless training and workouts. Members share their experiences in the team to make overall success. We plan to educate new contesters and include them to the team.

To make presence

To make Team Papa a Brand we aim to increase our presence on internet. Broadcasting our activities has a priority in future plans. Our website will be keep updated and supported with social media publishing. Promotions for followers will be offered in near future. Sending QSL cards are also important for us as indicated in QSL card policies.

To focus on HAM

In fact, this is the major objective of the Team Papa. As we declared on our philosophy, we just need DX’ing.

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