Second Field Activity at Canakkale as TC100GP

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TC100GP has been reactivated from Dardanelles (Canakkale) between August 6 to 10 in scope of Goncasuyu Project. Remember, our first activation was at April 23 to 26 and a successful study had been performed. August activation is said to be the third leg of the project, realized in memory of  the end of land wars.

Our team members, Nuri (TA3X) and Coskun (TA3CX) participated in the reactivation using the callsign TC100GP with other operators Alper (TA3APR), Nedim (TC3EC), Haluk (TA3HJB), Mehmet (TA3MHK ), Selahattin (TA3IKJ), Ekrem (TA3LIY), Sibel (TA3OSD), Abdurrahman (TA3OBE), Görkem (TA3DGE), Gökmen (TA3OGE) and Serkan from TRAC Canakkale Branch. Team together performed a 3 days non-stop DX operation on especially 10m, 15m, 20m and 40m bands, and at SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK modes.


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