HQ Station at IARU HF Championship 2015

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Team Papa has supported  the Turkish HQ operations at IARU HF Championships 2015. We have activated the three HQ stations at different locations among the contest.  Turkish HQ operations has been organized by TRAC Canakkale Branch with the technical support of our team. Total 2735 QSOs has been taken, counts are summarized below:

Station Operators CW PH Total
1 Alper (TA3APR), Coskun (TA3CX), Selim (TA3TTT), Yücel (TA3CY) . 1218 1218
2 Nuri (TA3X), Nedim (TA3EC) 771 . 771
3 Mehmet (TA5FA) 733 3 736
TOTAL 1504 1221 2725

We could not utilize the delta loop antenna at the contest for 160m. Moreover, the weather was stormy and forced us to stop station #1 for more than 8 hours due to the risk of  lightning. This unsafe condition caused the loss of at least 1000 QSOs. Unfortunately , the score is not satisfactory for our team, but our lives are surely more important than any score. An other trouble was electric power interruption at the station #3. This caused also a 6-8 hours and loss of at least 800 QSOs. Our consolation is that, the score is still the top score of Turkish HQ operations at all times.

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