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UPDATE: Awards are ready to be downloaded, click here to query your callsign and download your award now. You may read the statistics and some post information about the project, here.

A QUICK NOTE: “Amateur Radio for Love” project has been completed successfully with the pioneer love stations Turkey (TC4LOVE), Italy (IO0LOVE) and Macedonia (Z34LOVE), reaching the QSO count of 7646. Love awards are being prepared and will be served in this page very soon.

TeamPapa and some amateur friends are activating a HAM activity to celebrate the Valentine’s Day at February 14, 2016. The activity is projected on HF bands and modes and will be a certificate program for working the “love stations”. The love stations are the callsigns with “LOVE” at the suffix as in TC4LOVE.

The activity period covers whole month February (1 to 29). The activity is siply a “love call” hunt for DXers and we don’t offer any competition among countries or love stations. At the end of the period we will collect the logs from love stations and upload the data to our web based awarding software which was successfully used at “Goncasuyu DX Project” before.

For Love

Award Rules

Two-way contacts in HF bands will be evaluated for the love award. Participants will not submit any log. Logs from , love stations will be collected and evaluated. Each “band – mode – love callsign” combination brings a single QSO point to participant.

All participants collecting 3 point will win the “Love Award” certificate. In worldwide evaluation, the first 3 position will win the degree certificate . Certificates will be served in printable electronic formats on this web site with a callsign query.

SWL participation is welcome. Reports may be submitted via s-mail or e-mail. Both parties of a two-way communication has to be included in the report. Exact frequency is not necessary, band info is OK. However date and UTC time has to be clearly indicated to fascilate confirmation. Evaluation of a SWL report is very similar to two-way QSO’s. Included antenna and receiver info will be appriciated.

We need your Love Station

The aim of the project is to activate a word-wide organisation with the participation of many countries with their love stations. This year the activation will be done with Turkey (TC4LOVE), Labenon (OD5LOVE) , Macedonia (Z34LOVE) and Italy (IO0LOVE). Some additional love stations may also be included in the following days. We are waiting for your support also. You may still participate the project with your love callsign within the whole month February. Just register a special callsign with LOVE at the suffix and join the company. All operators of Love Stations will also be certificated.

About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is a celebration observed on February 14 each year. It is celebrated in many countries around the world, although it is not a public holiday in most of them.

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