Amateur Radio for Love 2016 Results and Statistics

“Ham Radio for Love” project has been completed successfully with the pioneer love stations from Turkey (TC4LOVE), Italy (IO0LOVE) and Macedonia (Z34LOVE), reaching the QSO count of 7646. As announced, the aim of the project is to share our LOVE suffixs among radio amateurs and short wave listeners all around the world.


Love Operators

Sixteen operators worked at the three stations in February. Although Renato (IZ0HLY) cannot worked in this year, as he had activated the station II0LOVE in 2014 and supported our project he is counted as a love activator. Two YL’s from Turkey was notable. All operators were skilled, pro-active and happy to share the idea of the project.

We as TeamPapa, thank and congragulate the love operators listed here.


All single person filled his/her hearth with LOVE is counted as winner. LOVE itself is the ultimate winners, start of every beautiful thing in the world including the human being. After these poetic words, we proudly present 237 radio amateurs won our DX award.

Click here to view a huge list of award winners. We are sure that the search engines will love it.

We specially congragulate Stefan Klein (DL1NKS) for his 1st degree in the world with 12 QSO and 8 points. We had announced that first 3 amateur would be awarded to a degree certificate. However equal top scores forced us to share the second and third degree in 10 amateurs. By luck, this “ten” number named that shared degree as “top ten degree”. Here is list of top ten amateurs in the activity:

Callsign Full Name Score Rank
DL1NKS Stefan Klein 8 1
DL1HRN Juergen Horn 7 2
DL1MDU Ernst Hauler 7 2
SP3PLD Klub Krotkofalowcow PZK 7 2
YO6CFB Lacy Laszlo Bako-Szabo 7 2
EB3WH Juanjo Barrios Mayoral 6 3
PA9IGB Giuseppe Benincasa 6 3
S51AP Ivan Pacnik 6 3
SP6CES Jerzy George Wiacek 6 3
SQ3PMX Waldemar Sabo 6 3
US1MM Vladimir N. Kryzhanovsky 6 3

This case will force us to modify award rules in the next year to fasciliate higher scores and better resolution for ranking.

Some Statistics

Distribution of QSO’s to bands and modes are summarized at the table below. Lower bands 80m and 160m could not be covered in this year. Few QSO’s had been done in 2m. This band may be considered in the future years as a seperate category. Most worked bands were 20m and 40m as usual, while the propogation conditions for 10m are not so fair. Most worked mode was SSB in this year, CW and digital modes were balanced. Among the digital modes, 931 QSO’s done on PSK (mostly PSK63) and 300 QSO on RTTY, while SSTV is not worked. The table below summarizes the project results in terms of band-mode distribution.

2m 0 5 0 5
10m 141 235 0 376
12m 65 0 6 71
15m 430 1383 506 2319
17m 36 0 0 36
20m 276 2413 577 3266
40m 475 955 143 1573
TOTAL 1423 4991 1232 7646
There was not any competition among the Love Stations and Countries in this year. Station performances are given here just for information.

As Team Papa, we’d like to congragulate all love stations for their support and idea sharing. And on behalf of all love operators, we thank all amateurs contacting us at the bands. We wish LOVE for eveyone. That was our message on shortwave in “Amateur Radio for Love” activity.

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