BSK Science and Art Festival



TeamPapa supports the HF activities at the spring festival organized by Bilim Sanat Koleji (Primary School of Science and Art). We are setting up a semi-field station with the special callsign TC3BSK at the festival area, operating low power, all bands and modes. We will have a station desk at the field operating between 12:00z – 16:00z at May 28th, 2016. In fact the callsign is valid from May 23th to June 10th for education purposes, but the most activity is expected at the festival day at May 29, 2016.

Kids aged from 6 to 14 will be on the mic for QSO with the assistance of TeamPapa operators. They have many nice questions to the amateurs from all over the world. Some kids have fluency in English, yet others need Turkish contacts for conversation. The aim of TeamPapa at the activity is to introduce the “amateur radio” as a perfect hobby for youngsters. If they love to QSO we are ready for the future projects such as a DX club at the school, a YOTA station, or even a ISS contact as supporters. The lovely kids at the school are all gifted, pro-active, confident and creative enough to do it, they just need a little guidance.

You may get more detailed info about the activity, festival and the school at QRZ page of the callsign.

QSL Info

QSL manager of the callsign TC3BSK is Coskun (TA3CX). All QSL’s will be replied with the same way of the request, via direct and bureau. We will be appreciated to receive SAE and 2GS with your direct QSO’s. Kids will be happy to receive souvenirs such as latters, stickers, photos, collectibles etc. SWL reports are also welcome. Electronic QLS’ing such as e-QSL and LOTW are not supported except the QRZ logs.


We have a little award for the activity as souvenir from BSK kids. Here are the rules to catch our award.

  • Catch us on 3 different band-mode to get an award. As the activity period is short this may be quite challenging.
  • or chat with 3 different kids and give your name to them.
  • or if you are younger than 18 or YL, just indicate during contact and get the award with a single QSO
  • or send us a complete SWL report
  • or visit us at the festival area and make one foreign contact as TC3BSK operator.

Award winners will be published from this page and they will be able to download their printable award after the activity.

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