Goncasuyu in April 2017

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We are supporting Goncasuyu Project in April. Coskun (TA3CX) has gathered some scout-masters also HAM friends from Izmir to make the support team. The will arrive at Çanakkale Kilitbahir at 24 April afternoon. The special callsign TC102GS will be activated for three days. The maximum activity will be at 25th April the 102nd anniversary of the Gallipoli War. The operation is ALL-BANDS, ALL-MODES, LOW, MULTI-OP, MULTI-STATION.


We have supplied operational support for Goncasuyu Project April at the second phase of 2017 planned operations. This time the support team is gathered among scout-masters and has multiple missions. The objectives of the support team were:

  • executing the operational role of TeamPapa in the Goncasuyu Project providing the required HF operations at the field
  • meeting with the HAM friends in TRAC Canakkale Branch, share info, etc.
  • training the inexperienced HAM operators for special call operations, pile-ups and some workflows.
  • informing kid scouts about HAM radio for their related merit badge requirements

The team has been consisted of three HAM operators Coskun (TA3CX), Hakan (TA3AHN), Busen (TA3IBU), and two kid scouts Ilgaz and Elvan. We have arrived at Kilitbahir Canakkale at April 24th 2017 and met the fellow HAM operators Nedim (TA3EC) and Ercan (TA3OER) at the Goncasuyu Station. After setting up the second transmitter we have started working as TC102GP with SSB at the available bands. The first transmitter has already started working as TC102GS with CW and digital modes. We have used the six element YAGI antenna in days and a wide-band loop in nights with a ICOM 706 MK2 transceiver.

As noted before, Goncasuyu Wireless Telegraphy Station was the legendary historical station playing an important role at the Gallipoli War. Goncasuyu Project is started at the centinary of the war to reactivate the Goncasuyu Station and transmit peace messages to the world. The project is managed by TRAC Canakkale Branch and technically supported by TeamPapa for three years.

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