TC630MECCA for City of Mecca

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The city of Mecca is  regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajj is obligatory for all able Muslims. The special activity with callsign TC630MECCA is organized for the memory of the conquest of the city of Mecca in AD630 by our member TA3X Nuri and supported by our members TA3CY Yücel, TA1EF Esamettin, TA3AER Kadir, TA3EC Nedim, TA3AHJ Haluk and TA1API Samim. Total 4925 QSO’s achieved on the following modes between Nov 1st 2017 to Jan 14th 2018:

Mode QSO Count
SSB 902
PSK 268
RTTY 153
CW 3608


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