Team Papa Website is Online


As we declared in our  goals, we aim to increase our presence on internet. We have already initiated our social media services previously and published info about our CQWW SSB 2014 and ARRL DX SSB 2014 participations. We have published live video on CQWW SSB 2014 contest through LiveStream. These services will continue as well, however official internet channel of the team is our website.

Our website launched at July 2014 and updated for instant announcements. Visitors notified about our nearest plans with posters and artworks. Live video has been watched on our website at the contest times. In November 2014 we have initiated our website as a portal to our works and activities. Thus, our web site is now a cumulative resource about our team.

You may browse our activities, contests and explore info about Team Papa on our website, We try to keep our website updated, as much as we can. Please note that the team members are all amateurs. That means we have our own professions to live. We prefer to reserve time for DX’ing and contesting rather than webmastering. Therefore info may be delayed a little, and please feel free to ask for fresh info via email. You may contact us to send your comments, offers, challenges, ideas etc.

Team Papa Website is configured on a WordPress infrastructure. As a brand new Team, although we have limited info to share, the style of the website is a portal like content site.  That reflects our vision to make it a deep resource. Thus, Team Papa web site is not designed just for publishing Team info, but also general DX’ing resources and will be evolved to a web portal.

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