Depending where you live, amateur radio may not be only amateur radio itself. You may be dealing with many additional dummy tasks beside HAM. Local regulations in Turkey is said to be fair for amateur radio operators. However it is not a well known hobby in community. Thus radio operators have to describe themselves with common terms, familiar to the people and local governance. The man walking with a wireless at the street is often sensed as an official staff. Thus the radio amateurs usually act like civil servants to legalize their activities. This is the major motivation of many individual amateurs and HAM societies to figure themselves in a big role. Any amateur radio organisation, sooner or later, has to be formal to get supported by local authorities. Many clubs are focused on emergency activities to get supports. Bureaucratization is another issue to make HAM crucial.

As a team, we want to focus on pure Amateur Radio as a hobby. Our aim is not to criticize other clubs or organizations but to create an alternative way to HAM activities. We don’t have internal rules and regulations as we are all close friends. We enjoy working together in our favorite hobby. We simply love amateur radio.

As considered with synonyms, and sounds likes, “Papa” means father in most of the world languages. In Turkish, the word is “baba”. As an idiom, it also means good-natured, majestic, headman or powerful as an adjective. Among our previous works we often called us “baba team”. Although, as usual we are all OM’s, the papa has no sexual meaning for us. We will be pleased to accept YL’s as a members as well. Baba also reflects our challenge. We are not participating teams for just recording our callsigns to databases. Actually Team Papa is an ambitious team, score oriented and challenging.


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